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A few weeks back, we were given the opportunity to film some commercials for an online contest. While we weren't chosen as the winners, we now have two great videos to add to our expanding video library. One of the video editors, James Art Ville, shares his thoughts on the commercials. Read what he has to say: 

"Motion Pictures are a contemporary form of art. Youtube, on the other hand... well, for the most part some people with a webcam have too much free time on their hands. While I am a digital illustrator and graphic designer, I was tasked as the one to make video tutorials for My latest videos were not tutorials, however, but commercials.

The first video was created in response to a promotion that Staples was having for small businesses. The limit was 15 seconds, and the winner would have their video air on their own Staples commercials. I chose to film something comical. A good laugh is worth sharing, and the winner was chosen by popularity. I present to you: Let 'Er Rip.

Yes...that's me on the bike.

The second video came as a suggestion from a good friend and fellow tech at BatteryStuff. Since my father-in-law has the traditional cowboy look, we thought of using it as the theme for the second commercial. His narration completely fits the video: Now We Ride!

Our commercials target our largest customer base, the motorcycle rider. We specialize in selling motorcycle batteries, and we also carry quite the range of battery chargers too. Motorcyclists, like the well known Harley Davidson riders, feel bonded by their common enthusiasm for the powersports. Even if you don't ride a motorcycle, myself included, you have to admit. Motorcycles are cool."

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