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Optima BatteriesWe are now proud to offer Optima automobile starting batteries! Optima Red tops are not only distinguishable in their appearance, they also uniquely use spiral plates in each cell. These batteries pack a lot of power in 5 seconds, great for starting your car engine every time.

Optima batteries are specially designed for rugged use.  Because of their unique spiral wound cells, they are 15 times more vibration resistant than conventional batteries.  For example, The Optima 34/78 battery is built for the performance vehicle.  It is extremely vibration resistant, has a high 10 second cranking burst, and can perform in both high and low temperatures.  This unusual looking battery has 6 packs of spiral wound cells.  Optima takes two think lead plates and winds them in a tight spiral resulting in increased energy, and quick reliable starts.  Optima batteries may not be a direct fit with your stock battery box, and may require some modification to the connections.

They are:

  • Mountable in any position
  • High power at hot and cold temperatures
  • 15 times more vibration resistant than conventional batteries
  • Non spill-able and leak proof, even when punctured
  • Low internal resistance
  • Non Corrosive, Non-venting in normal use

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    August 23, 2011 a 8:25 pm
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      August 30, 2011 a 2:24 am
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