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Tips and Tricks | Preventative Maintenance

It is amazing the percentage of re-orders we receive. People call and tell me of how well the products they bought from us work! You shouldn't expect any less. Of course some things are easier to measure than others. In dealing with mechanical devices, only so much can be done. We prefer to sell maintenance products as opposed to fix-it products. Remember, it is always easier and cheaper to maintain than to repair.

Battery MINDer ChargerFor example, we are experts on how to maintain lead acid batteries, like your car or motorcycle battery. Simply put, these things like to be charged, and stay charged. So if you've got your vehicle in storage or your bike in the shed for the winter, the use of a battery charger can prevent premature battery failure. In the long run, you'll save yourself from buying new batteries again and again.

PRI-GWe also sell fuel preservatives and restoration additives. PRI (Power Research Institute) makes fuel treatment for both gasoline and diesel. Again, if you have vehicles that are unused and in storage, or if you have large tanks of fuel that have been sitting on your property, it's strongly recommended you treat it. If not, the fuel will break down and eventually become useless. Now, how much is the cost of fuel these days? We're nearing the $4.50/gallon...and if you consider how a single 32 oz bottle of PRI-G treats 512 gallons for $19.95, that's about 4 cents to preserve a gallon of fuel. Now you tell me, which makes more sense? Maintaining your current fuel or buying it fresh again after the old stuff has gone bad?

The educated consumer is the best kind. We want you to know as much as we do. We love this stuff! If you need more information regarding our products, plus some more tips, tricks, and tutorials, refer to our easy to read knowledge base.

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