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Shane Watts | DirtWise Vol 3 & 4 Released!

 DirtWise with Shane Watts

Shane Watts and the DirtWise Riding schools have just released Volume 3 & 4 of the DirtWise In-Depth Instructional DVD series. These latest two videos complete the series and are by far the best offroad Instructional DVDs produced.

Shane Watts is a personal friend of ours, and we are more than happy to sponsor the release of his new DVDs. Here's what Shane has to say about it:

Shane Watts "I am so stoked with how awesome both of these Instructional DVDs turned out. We have been able to provide the highest level of instruction and demonstration for all situations relating to Wheelies, Logs, Rocks, and Water Crossings (Volume 3) and also for Hills, Ravines, Switchbacks, and Offcamber trails (Volume 4). We filmed at some totally epic riding locations that really complement the learning experience and will have everyone wanting to get out on the trails and go roosting!"


What to expect from DirtWise with Shane Watts

In-Depth Instructional DVD Volume #3 - How to Master Wheelies, Logs, Rocks, and River Crossings

Dirtwise Volume 3

Come join Shane Watts, legendary Offroad racer and renowned skills instructor, as he gives you an in-depth analysis of how to master wheelies, logs, rocks, and river crossings.

Wattsy will take you across the world in search of some of the most fantastic riding areas where he will increase your knowledge and skills on how to conquer each of these specific obstacles and difficult trail situations.

Run time: 54 min.

In-Depth Instructional DVD Volume #4 - How to Master Hills, Ravines, Switchbacks, and Off-Camber Trails

Dirtwise Volume 4In the fourth and final volume of the DirtWise In-Depth Instructional DVD Series, Wattsy will continue to take your learning a step further by teaching you precisely how to implement many important skills techniques into your riding and training when attempting hills, gullies, ravines and off-camber trails. Filmed in some gnarly trail situations in an effort to bring you the best skills demonstrations possible, this DVD will also provide plenty of spectacular action that you are sure to enjoy along the way!

Run time: 55 min.

Do you want to ride like a pro?

When you buy Volumes 3 or 4, look inside for a fantastic MORE POWER TO YA! Sticker. If you're just starting to learn how to ride or if you need some tips from the pro, we believe Shane's DVDs will be of absolute value to you. If you feel like you still need a lot of practice, it's okay to slip up or fall down. Even a professional offroad racer like Shane stumbles every once in a while. Check out this reel of fumbles and bloopers from the set of filming his latest videos!


If you fall down too, let Shane Watts teach you how to get back up and do it right.

More information for these DirtWise DVDs at

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