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Thank You Gift | A Token from Afghanistan

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The other week, we received a mysterious package that was shipped to the attention of one of our techs. Inside was a letter written as an appreciation for the customer service received by the writer, Joe. A quick synopsis of the situation is this. Joe ordered a battery for his ATV from us back in April of 2010. Later that year, he was deported overseas to Afghanistan. When he came back, his battery was dead.

Having the battery sitting, unused for an entire year will guarantee battery failure. Technically, the battery was out of warranty. But we understood his situation was beyond his control, and the lack of battery maintenance was not his fault. We cut him some slack and replaced the battery for him at a great deal. It was important to us that he had a working battery when he needed it.

Following is the letter he wrote to our tech department as a thank you gift:

SUBJECT: Token (Coin) of Appreciation for your Excellent Customer Service

Attached is an appreciation token (coin) of the Headquarters NATO/ISAF in Kabul, Afghanistan, reflecting the United States along with all the NATO countries represented at this headquarters where I am deployed.

In the Army, it is customary for a Senior Grade Officer or General Officer to provide someone a coin for a job well done. This could earn you a free beer at a local pub by placing the coin on top of a bar counter in front of any soldier that has served in his headquarters. If anything else, it could be a great conversational piece.

My spouse and I really appreciate your kindness and your support while being deployed in Kabul, Afghanistan, and for your excellent customer service and providing my spouse and me an ATV battery at a reduced price.

We use our ATV as a "work horse," attaching a snow plow to move snow during the winter months in Colorado. Therefore, a good healthy battery is needed for this task, and since our last one died completely. My spouse will stay busy, so you have helped her much with this new battery.

I hope this coin finds you well and makes your day. You have a wonderful day.



Along with the letter he also sent us a very elaborate token. Check it out:

Token FrontToken Back

Click on the token for larger view.

Here at BatteryStuff, we strongly believe that customer service is important. As a result, we were happy to receive a thank you gift in return. The token will be kept safely and proudly in our tech department. We support our customers and we support our troops. We're glad to have Joe safely back with us and happily riding his ATV again.

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