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Get To Know the Brand | Consider Scorpion Battery

When motorcycle batteries die, you might be hesitant about replacing it with an "aftermarket" brand battery. There's nothing wrong with loyalty to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Now, years after purchasing your bike, you will find that the dealer wants to charge hundreds of dollars for another battery. At this point the thought enters your mind, surely just any 'ol motorcycle battery will do the trick, right? Be careful, however, because I’m sure you still want a quality battery to ensure many more years of life instead of buying cheap replacements every 1-2 years. Not a problem. There are batteries that meet OEM standards, without the OEM price.

Enter Scorpion Battery.

 Scorpion Battery

Scorpion Battery is the most popular brand of powersports battery we carry. We sell these along side the Yuasa branded "Motocross" batteries. Despite not having OEM status like Yuasa does, Scorpion batteries have proven to be just as dependable. Most of the Scorpion Batteries we carry are AGM sealed batteries, which is an improvement from the old wet-cel batteries. The manufacturer 1 year replacement warranty makes these batteries stand out above the rest.

Scorpion is dedicated to manufacturing only the best replacement batteries, to uncompromising standards. They are manufactured at one of the most state of the art facilities for motorcycle and ATV batteries in the world. These batteries are fairly new to the US market but they are becoming one of the largest powersports battery manufacturers in the rest of the world simply because they build only quality products.

Charged. Tested. Ready to Roll.

Scorpion YTZ7S

When you find yourself in need of a replacement battery, consider Scorpion Batteries. You don't sacrifice performance with cost. It's not worth paying the marked up price of a new OEM battery when a Scorpion replacement battery will not only meet your bike's requirements, but surpass it. Using our Powersports Vehicle Search Database, you can find the right Scorpion Battery to match the year, make, and model of your vehicle. Oh, and by the way... Shipping on all Scorpion Batteries is free.

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