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BatteryStuff Policy | Value Added Strategy

Value Added Strategy is a method developed by to insure that the customer is receiving a motorcycle battery that yields consistent Performance and Guarantees Customer Satisfaction. Some folks call these batteries Maintenance Free Batteries; Gel Cell, Dry Cell, AGM, Valve Regulated, etc. No matter what they are called they all use basically the same technology to produce a battery that requires far less effort to maintain. Our Battery Brand Selection Criteria is based on an evaluation process of Performance, Reliability, Quality of construction, and Best Value for your money invested. Each battery is charged, tested, date labeled and premium packaged to assure safe and sound arrival at your door. The VAS procedure insures the battery you receive is a peak performance battery and will provide year's worth of reliable service. There are a lot of different brands of motorcycle batteries out on the market today and the lowest priced battery will not always yield the best outcome. There is a hand full of motorcycle and ATV batteries that only fit a small group of applications and there is no competition in the manufacturing of these batteries which in turn creates very high price. You must understand that Maintenance Free Motorcycle batteries do outperform a regular and high performance wet cell battery because the maintenance free is designed to withstand greater heat, vibration, deeper cycles and generally low-grade recharging.

Brand Loyalty vs. Substitution

Scorpion BatteryWe don't particularly prescribe to "Brand Loyalty" as all motorcycle batteries offered pass our VAS criteria. The different brands of batteries we offer are Westco, Yuasa (Motocross), GS, Universal Power, Panasonic, SVR and Odyssey. Yes, there are differences in brands but we consider only Odyssey and SVR super premium batteries. This leaves the other brands offered in the premium category. Therefore we do not make battery substitutions for SVR or Odyssey but we do ship substitutions in the other brands and will note that on our website.

Battery Life and Warranty

The batteries sold all have a 1 year free replacement except the Odyssey is warranted for 2 years. Our VAS does assure that the battery you receive meets or exceeds manufacturer's specifications as to cranking amps. So this means that you can expect 3 to 5 years battery life. WARNING: Proper Care and Feeding of your Battery. If you want long battery life and performance you need to do a little battery management. Most Motorcycles, ATVs, Watercrafts, Snowmobiles and Motor Scooters do not have a robust charging system. Engine rpm must be fairly high for a good amount of time in order to offer quality recharge to the battery. With the manufacturer's adding extra electronics such an engine management systems there is an added a continuous drain on the battery. With limited off season use the battery internal discharge will dramatically affected battery longevity. Hot weather is also a battery killer as internal discharge will exceed 1% per day.

Guaranteeing Battery Longevity

You need to own a good smart charger and use it if non operation of your motorcycle is going to exceed 30 days. We sell a number of smart chargers on our website including the ever popular Battery Tender being the most recognized by the power sports industry. In most cases a one day application of the charger per month will be all that is needed. We actually recommend leaving the smart charger connected continuously as it will be maintained at 100% charge until the next ride.

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