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When and How to Use a Trickle Charger

With the warm weather breaking out across the country we are getting a lot of questions about trickle chargers. Many are focused on when and how to use a trickle charger for their motorcycles, ATVs, RVs, or boats.

The ideal time to use a trickle charger is when you are finished using your toys for the day. Years of experience says that the best thing a customer can do is to keep a trickle charger on the battery whenever you are not using the battery. When it comes to batteries, there are really only two constants: Either your battery is getting charged or your battery is self-discharging. A properly sized trickle charger will have sufficient amperage to keep the battery fully charged and ready to go for the next use. Batteries have gotten expensive, so take care of them and extend their useful life!

Properly Maintaining Your Marine Batteries

When to Use a Marine Trickle Charger

The best time to use a marine trickle charger is when you’re done using your boat for the day or the trip, as well as at the end of the season or in-between uses. only offers good quality, smart marine trickle chargers that are 100% safe for your batteries. Our chargers offer smart charging technology for an ongoing maintenance after the initial charge cycle is complete. The chargers will either float and maintain the battery at a 100%, or they will test the battery periodically and kick back on if it finds that the battery is not at a 100%. Ideally, we recommend keeping your charger plugged in and connected whenever you are not using your marine batteries or when they are stored away for the winter.

Marine chargers can range from a single bank (one battery) to a multi-bank (several batteries) application meant to keep several batteries maintained at once. One of the main benefits to a marine multi-bank charger is it enables you to charge your trolling motor batteries and starting battery with one charger. Feel free to browse our marine chargers or contact our support desk for product selection assistance.

How to Use a Marine Trickle Charger

Most marine trickle chargers are onboard, mountable single bank or multi-bank units. Most will arrive with an AC cord and the DC cables that are then connected to each individual 12V battery that you are maintaining. Some chargers may have a mode button to select the applicable battery you are charging and others are fully automatic. Set up is generally only done during initial setup and is remembered by the charger going forward. In most cases, you simply need to plug the unit in to begin charging your battery or battery pack. Of course, if you have any questions that the manual does not cover, you can always call our tech line for assistance.

Properly Maintaining Your Motorcycle, ATV, SxS Batteries

When to Use a Motorcycle or ATV Trickle Charger

We recommend connecting the trickle charger to the battery after every ride if possible. While this approach may not be necessary for the daily rider, it will not hurt the battery if it is being maintained by a smart charger. In the end, creating this habit can save money and the dreaded “click-click-click” if you failed to connect the battery to a charger several months back. Feel free to browse our motorcycle trickle chargers or contact our support desk for product selection assistance. Motorcycle applications typically see two battery types these days: AGM and Lithium. Make sure you know which type you have before connecting your charger!

How to Use a Motorcycle Trickle Charger

Most motorcycle-suitable chargers come with a quick disconnect ring harness that is meant to be installed with the battery and routed out of the battery box for easy access. Once the ring harness is installed, you simply need to connect the charger to the quick disconnect to begin the smart charging phase. Most of our motorcycle chargers are 2-amps or less with no user input, so in most cases once you connect the charger to the quick disconnect it will simply start the smart charging phase. If your charger has user inputs it may be necessary to select the appropriate battery type, and then the charger should start the smart charging phase.

Summed up, best practice is to take care of your batteries and they will take care of you. Don’t forget to use only good quality chargers from known brands and it only helps if it is connected. Now go enjoy your toys!

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