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Why Buy BatteryStuff? Just Ask This Guy!

Recently, during our weekly coffee and bull session, one of the battery specialist techs here told an interesting story.

He had a call from a potential customer requesting information on one of the products that we sell. This question and answer session went on for 20 minutes or so, and ended with the caller thanking the tech for the help. A couple hours later the same caller dialed back in for more info and landed the same tech.

This is pretty normal, and frankly we are happy to offer our free technical advice on products that we sell and are familiar with. It is a bit of a pay-it-forward mentality that we have. We offer superior customer service not only to our customers, but those that maybe, someday, possibly would be our customers. Back to the story. Where was I? Oh, Right.

So the call ended as is common with thank yous and curtseys, the next call came in, and the tech moved on.

About 2 weeks later, we get a ring from this same caller. Only this time, he is irritated that the product he bought is not what he had hoped it would be, and he wants to chew off the ear of the tech that he spoke to. Of course, no one wants to speak to an irritated person on the phone, so our operator immediately transferred that call to the unsuspecting tech. After 10 minutes of verbal assault, our tech got to the bottom of the story.

This ‘customer’ spent about 40 minutes on the phone and another 20 minutes or so with the manufacturer of this particular product. He then promptly purchased the product from one of the online mega giant sells anything knows nothing about what they sell super resellers. (Careful, it’s a jungle out there) When the product he purchased did not perform, he of course could not call them for technical service, because 1: They offer no technical service whatsoever, and 2: They know as much about chargers as Kim Kardashian knows about string theory. (hint: we are not talking g string theory, which is two guys pool side in…wait. What?) 

Yup, that’s right he ‘spent’ our free tech service time doing research only to purchase from a e-tailer that couldn’t care less about what they sell, or how it impacts the buyer after purchase so he could ‘save’ a ‘few bucks’. How’d that work out for ya’ pal? I sound bitter? Sorry, really I am not. I just shake my head in wonderment at some people and their audacity.

In these days of instant web sites, Grandma’s basement world headquarters, and retail giants moving in on the online model it can be easy to lose sight of the ‘total package’ that specialty resellers such as offer.  If you want specific service and technical help, you go to the experts. Not only are we happy to take your call, but we have a large, and recently re-launched library of good technical info, helpful articles, and FAQ that pertain directly to the products that we sell. Yes, that’s right, even specialty resellers are online to sell products, but most have no problem doing it the proper way. Which is offering a service and value that cannot always be expressed in a few extra pennies, but will more than pay dividends to customers in true old fashioned service and individual assistance and support.


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