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Do You Ship Batteries and Battery Chargers to Canada?

Shipping to Canada

Canadian Leaf

We would be glad to ship most items to you in Canada. We are limited in how we can ship, based on international law. For instance, we cannot ship a battery to Canada via Post. Canadian law forbids the transport of batteries via the Postal Service, in fact we were unaware of this and had several shipments confiscated and destroyed by an over zealous Canadian postal official, which left both us and our customer without a battery.

Powersports Battery YTZ7SWe can ship powersport batteries to Canada via UPS, but as most Canadians are aware, UPS will bill the receiver (that's you) for all customs duties and fees which includes customs broker fees. This amount seems to be arbitrary, and can vary from 5% to 40% of the determined value of the shipment. We refer to that fee as the 'Brown Robber charge' and unfortunately we cannot avoid it, or even accurately predict the total for you.

If you are interested in ordering from us and having it delivered to Canada, please be sure to include your phone number in the order. We cannot ship international orders without a valid customer phone number.

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  • Dave Merritt I think you may be wrong – at least in part – about ”…we cannot ship a battery to Canada via Post. Canadian law forbids the transport of batteries via the Postal Service.” There are certainly prohibitions concerning Dangerous Goods (i.e. lead acid batteries, perhaps Lithium Ion) but as far as I know regular batteries, including rechargeable NiCd can be shipped through the Canadian postal system. I‘m a Canadian and I‘ve ordered and received batteries through the mail for decades – in fact I just got some lithium button cells from Toronto last week. If I were you I‘d get a quote from Canada Post of the regulation they‘re using. Cheers.

    Reply  •  Ratted article 2  •  May 14, 2012 at 2:59 pm
    • BatteryStuff Tech The US Postal Service has recently outlawed shipping of any lithium batteries internationally. We have had plenty of bad experiences in the past with shipping smaller batteries via post to Canada. It was a lose-lose situation for us and our customers. It‘s just not worth it. UPS is the safest method of delivery.

      Reply  •  May 16, 2012 at 2:49 pm
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