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Do You Ship Batteries and Battery Chargers to Canada?

We are limited in how we can ship, based on Canadian law. The law forbids the transport of batteries via the Postal Service. We can ship powersport batteries to Canada via UPS, but as most Canadians are aware, UPS will bill the receiver for all customs duties and fees. If you are interested in ordering from us and having it delivered to Canada, please be sure to include your phone number in the order. We cannot ship international orders without a valid customer phone number. more...

How does International Ordering Work?

We will do what we can to process International order requests. Not all our products are available for overseas shipping, mainly glass faced solar panels and batteries. All international order inquiries will need to be submitted for approval, and a shipping quote. Please call us at 1-800-362-5397 and we can create a quote. Or email our international dept at with your billing and shipping addresses. more...

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