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ProMariner 12v 15 Amp Pro Tournament 150L 3 Bank Charger 51016

ProTournament 150L #51016
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Manufacturer has discontinued this charger. We are currently recommending the Pro Mariner ProSport 20 Plus.

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Product InformationStore Part Number: ProTournament 150L #51016


The ProTournament 150L Charger/Maintainer by ProMariner is an intelligent, 3 bank, 15 amp battery charger designed for tournament use. One of the key features of this charger is that the ProTournament 150L is capable of sensing increased demand from the auxiliary battery and diverting up to the 100% of the available power to that battery. This incredible charger from ProMariner is also fully temperature controlled and microprocessor controlled so it will not overcharge your batteries. The ProTournament 150L is an extremely durable and rugged charger that is also completely waterproof. 

The ProTournament 150L is specifically designed with professional tournament use in mind. It is light weight at only 9 pounds, yet it is still able to offer an incredible 15 amps of charge and will bring your batteries up to 100% even on long extension cords that drop the input voltage down to as low as 90 VAC. Charging will automatically distribute its full rated output of 15 amps to any one bank or combination of all battery banks. The Pro Tournament 150L distributes and uses every charging amp with no waste. This "L" version, Long, has cable out puts of 12', 9', and 9' for the most demanding distance requirements. 


  • Distributable power On-Demand
  • Multistage Charging
  • Digital Battery Type Selector
  • LED Status Indicator
  • Compact Lightweight Design
  • Thermal Output Control
  • Quality Built
  • Waterproof and Vibration Resistant
  • Inline Fuses, Thermal Protection, Over Voltage Protection, Overload Protection, Reverse Polarity and Ignition Protection
  • Pre-wired for Easy Installation
  • Will Never Overcharge your Batteries

Tech Specs

  • Length : 13
  • Width : 6 7/8
  • Height : 3
  • Weight : 9 lbs
  • Weight Shipped : 12 lbs
  • Banks : 3
  • Model: ProTournament 150L
  • Manufacturer: Pro Mariner
  • Amperage Per Bank : Variable
  • Total Amperage : 15
  • Voltage : 12 V
  • Input : 90-135 VAC 60Hz
  • Cable Length : 12'/9'/9'
  • Manufacturer Part #: ProTournament 150L #51016

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ProMariner Pro Tournament 150L Charger
Pros: I bought a Ranger boat a year ago with the ProMariner Pro Tournament 150L charger already installed and wanted to say this has worked flawlessly for me for the past year. I can troll for 8 hours, hook up the charger at night, and the batteries are fully charged and ready to go the next morning. I'm not quite sure when it was purchesed without pulling out records received when buying the boat but I'm hoping for many more years of quality service from this product.
Cons: Havent found one yet.
Other Thoughts: If youve never owned an on-board charger I recommend this one as it's been ablsolutely trouble free and does everything that's expected from it!
Is this review helpful?
Written by Gabowman on Jul 05, 2012. Ownership: When it goes, I'm giving it a eulogy. Knowledge Level: AC/DC is more than a band — (80 of 158 customers found this review helpful
ProTournament 3 bank 15Ah charger by ProMariner
Pros: What a great charger. Really! I'm charging 3 batteries at the same time with one charger. How cool is that? I elected not to permanently mount my charger in the boat. It's still a piece of cake to just connect all three batteries and let the charger do its thing. I use my boat and trolling motor a lot, sometimes at night, sometimes during the day. It depends on if I'm fishing fresh or saltwater. Nevertheless, when I'm home, the batteries are on the charger. What a time saver. Thanks for an affordable Three Bank Charger.
Cons: None whatsoever.
Is this review helpful?
Written by Tubthumping on Oct 31, 2012. Ownership: Just Bought. Knowledge Level: AC/DC is more than a band — (80 of 155 customers found this review helpful

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