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Dual Pro Chargers

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Dual Pro smart battery chargers are in the highest tier of marine chargers available. With fully microprocessor-controlled isolated outputs, and completely sealed waterproof design, Dual Pro has the charger for your marine application. Dual Pro offers a complete series of chargers ranging from single 12v outputs to 4 bank 12v outputs.

More “Made in the USA” models than any other manufacturer—when you buy Dual Pro you buy quality. These chargers are compatible with lead acid-type design batteries, including wet cell, deep cycle/marine, maintenance free, gel cell, absorbed glass mat (AGM), valve regulated, non-spillable, and gas recombinant.

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Dual Pro Marine Battery Chargers

Each output lead is extendable with an available extension kit, and each bank is capable of individually charging your batteries. This gives you the ability to charge different batteries regardless of their starting points or sizes. Every Dual Pro charger is reverse polarity protected and short circuit protected.

Do you need a low output charger for maintaining your boat batteries and charging your smaller batteries? Look at the Recreational Series. Maybe you’re looking for something that is a little more powerful, or capable of charging from one to four batteries simultaneously. Look at the Sportsman Edition chargers. Or do you need the most power possible for up to four batteries at once for your tournament boat? Check out the Pro Series chargers. In any marine application, Dual Pro onboard chargers have you covered.

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