Japlar Schauer Smart Battery Chargers

Japlar Schauer Battery Chargers

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Japlar Schauer battery chargers combine the best smart charging technology with a lightweight and rugged to design to offer you their advanced line of products. Utilizing smaller, more effecient transformers than their competitors, Japlar transforms the AC current into the appropriate charging DC current at about 100,000 Hz; about 3333 times faster than conventional chargers. This allows the charger to utilize the smaller transformer for an overall lighter weight charger. Look below at the impressive line of Japlar Schauer chargers to see if there is something to fit your specific needs.




Japlar Schauer Options

Japlar Schauer chargers are available in 12, 24, 36, and 48 voltage settings with the capabilities to run on both American 115v and European 220v ac current at both 50 and 60 hertz. This allows you to take this charger virtually anywhere in the world and use it effectively.

If you need something for a Golf Cart, there are available adapters to match with the appropriate charger for your specific cart. One of the advantages of Japlar Schauer chargers is that they can continue to charge under a small load, up to about 30% of their capacity.

Most Japlar smart chargers are small enough that they can be mounted onboard in applications such as mobility chairs, golf cars, electric scooters and OEM applications.

Smart Charging Technology!

Each charger will individually charge your batteries with the integrated microprocessor built into each unit. You will never need to worry about overcharging your battery with a Japlar charger. If you need more information about sizing your unique application, please check out our tutorials how batteries work, and our battery chargers tutorial for answers.

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