Guest Smart Battery Chargers

Marinco Guest Battery Chargers

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Guest by Marinco offers a full line of both Marine Chargers, and battery chargers for mobility scooters. One of the defining features of the Guest marine chargers is that they are capable of charging all types of Lead acid batteries, including flooded, AGM, and Gel type batteries. The only questions left to ask are how many batteries do you need to charge? And, do you need to charge big batteries, or just maintain the small ones?

Smart Charging Technology

Because of the Guest smart charging technology you will never need to worry about overcharging your battery again. Every output is completely controlled by a microprocessor to insure correct charging of your battery. If you have any trouble sizing your battery system, please check out our tutorials how batteries work, and our battery chargers tutorial for answers.



Guest Marine

Having everything from single output 12v chargers, to 3 12v outputs, Guest has everything that you need to get that boat back on the water. Each output is fully monitored by a designated microprocessor, allowing you to charge each battery independently to a fully charged state.

Guest Mobility

When it comes to your Mobility chair, it is vital that it always is charged and ready to roll. Guest has an impressive line of mobility scooter chargers which always monitor the state of the batteries as they charge them to peak condition. These chargers are compact, silent and very light in comparison to transformer based chargers. If a mobility scooter charger is what you are looking for, then you need look no farther than Guest.

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