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From the Mind of an 8 Year Old | Charging a Shorai Battery

The families of the employees at are enthusiastic about the work we do. It's fun for the whole family (well, considering this one particular family rides motorcycles together). More specifically, their 8 year old boy, rides a mean 65cc SX bike. He participated in the Northwest National Youth Hare Scrambles at the Funky Chicken race earlier this year! He received 4th overall. Great job!

He learns the best from his dad, who also raced that same weekend. Part of being a good rider means knowing how to take care of your motorcycle. At BatteryStuff, we're keen on informing people about the importance of keeping your battery healthy. This is best accomplished by maintaining a full charge with the use of a 12 volt battery charger. He is a fan of the new Shorai Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. These batteries are small and lightweight but pack a punch. They have the appearance of a toy battery, but the strength of a heavy duty lead acid motorcycle starting battery.

Shorai LFX Charger 

Our young rider drew a picture of a Shorai battery on a battery charger. He correctly installed the charger by drawing the two alligator clamps at the appropriate terminal posts on the battery. 13.2 volts is what the charger indicates, which is the 100% charged state of a 12 volt battery. The charger has a handle on it, which tells us he's using a portable charger. It's possible it could be a Schumacher. Or maybe an Interacter industrial strength battery charger?

It's fine to use off the shelf lead acid battery chargers on Shorai batteries, as long as it's done correctly and safely. If you want to see the best performance and longevity from your Shorai battery, using the Shorai Sho-BMS01 LFX Charger is the best way to go. This charger is made specifically for Shorai batteries. Besides not ever having to worry about overcharging, the Sho-BMS01 also balances the lithium cells, which will promote longer battery life.

 Shorai Charger Connection

This boy shouldn't be experiencing dead battery issues any time soon. If you keep in mind the importance of having your battery charged and maintained, it will ensure the best performance and a save you a possible headache down the road. Preventative care is an investment. Having a good charger will save you money on having to buy replacements batteries prematurely. If you don't have a charger for your motorcycle or powersports battery, this aspiring enduro rider encourages you to consider it. "It's worth it."

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