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Product Review | Motorcycle/ATV/Jetski Winterizing Kit

Winterizing Kit

This powersports weatherizing kit is designed to include all the bits you need to put your motorcycle, jet ski, or ATV away for the winter, insuring that it will be 'ready to ride' as soon as the weather is again favorable.

BatteryMINDer Charger BM12217At the heart of this kit is a BatteryMinder maintenance charger that can be left connected to your battery all winter. This unit will keep your battery fully topped off and charged up, without the worry of it becoming overcharged. It also features a patented high frequency algorithm that removes harmful sulfation deposits. These deposits will otherwise build up over time, preventing your battery from performing as it did when it was new.

PRI-G Gasoline Treatment Quart # PRIGx1The included single quart of PRI-G Fuel treatment that will stabilize your fuel for storage, preventing it from going stale or forming a shellack that can block the jets in your carburetor or fuel injection system. PRI-G will also improve the burn properties of your fuel, reducing heavy emissions and upping your fuel efficiency when time comes to ride again. Also including a lubrication additive, this total fuel package will reduce wear on important top end systems such as valves and rings. This industrial strength product will treat as much as 512 gallons of fuel, so you will have plenty left over to run in your daily commuter vehicles, or anything you own that burns gasoline.

When you do use your battery, one of the most overlooked maintenance needs is keeping your terminals bright and clean. Use the included terminal cleaning brush to clean both your terminals as well as your terminal connectors. This will ensure a proper connection with no power loss associated with bad connections.

With the included can of Battery Corrosion Preventive spray you simply make your battery cable connections, coat the terminals (goes on white and dries into a clear, non sticky barrier) and your corrosion issues are permanently behind you. Kit includes:Battery Corrosion Spray Cleaner

  • 1 each BatteryMinder 12 volt battery maintainer/desulfator
  • 1 Quart of PRI-G gasoline treatment
  • 1 Battery Terminal cleaning brush
  • 1 10oz Aersol can of Battery Terminal Corrosion preventative spray

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