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Product Spotlight | New Shorai LiFePO4 Batteries Case Sizes 4, 5 & 6

Shorai Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries have been around for some time now. Their presence in the world of powersports has not gone unnoticed. They're very popular and we've heard plenty of good feedback from happy users.

Shorai LiFePO4 Battery LFX14A4-BS12Although we've recommended Shorai batteries for your application for years now, we've updated our listing to include 3 new case sizes. The case size 4 battery, LFX14A4-BS12, is short in height, but longer in length than the other 14 AH Shorai batteries. This makes is a great drop in replacement for the standard YTX9-BS, YTZ10S, and YT12A batteries. This battery fits perfectly for the Honda CBR1000R, or the VT600 Shadow. The CCA for the LFX14A4 is still impressive at 210. This is also great for ATVs, like the Yamaha YFM35R Raptor. This battery only comes in one polarity, positive on the left.

Shorai LiFePO4 Battery LFX14L5-BS12The next case sizes, 5, are also 14 AH batteries. The LFX14A5-BS12 and the LFX14L5-BS12 are taller and thinner than any of the other Shorai batteries. These replace the standard  YT12C, YTX14AH, and the YT12CL, YTX14AHL batteries, respectively. For instance, the LFX14L5 would fit perfectly for the Kawasaki Motorcycle, specifically the 900 Ninja. The smaller 14 AH case 1 sizes would work as well, but the extra space in the battery compartment would have to be filled with the foam spacers provided with each battery. It's more of a cosmetic issue, but there are some people who feel if the battery doesn't fit 'just right', that it must be incorrect. Breathe a sigh of relief. Now we have a solution.

Shorai LiFePO4 Battery LFX21A6-BS12The latest case size from Shorai, the 6, is battery with a new capacity. This is a great addition to their already extensive line of batteries available. The LFX21A6-BS12 is a 21 Amp Hour rated battery, with 315 CCA. It's just right for extra power without being overkill when compared to the larger case size 3 batteries. This is definitely a high performance upgrade to such batteries as the YTX14H-BS and the YTX16-BS. The Suzuki VX800 Motorcycle would take this battery without a problem. The battery posts are not as adaptable as the case size 3 batteries, so we don't recommend using it for automotive purposes. As the saying goes, 'Go With What You're Good At'. These are, after all, great powersports batteries.

These new batteries still have the amazing 2 year replacement warranty. Shipping is still FREE to the lower 48 States. Our Vehicle Reference Database is now updated so that the best Shorai LiFePO4 Battery is recommended for your motorcycle, ATV, motor scooter, or personal watercraft.

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