Over the past fifteen years hundreds of thousands of Deltran's Battery Tenders have been sold building a reputation of quality and dependability. If you're serious about your battery, it's time to get a Deltran Battery Tender.

ChargersDeltran is well-known for building excellent motorcycle Battery Tenders for a range of battery performance needs: Original Battery Tender, Battery Tender Plus and Battery Tender Jr.
AccessoriesWhether you just need one more alligator set, or you need a customer cable, or a specific connector, there are a myriad of options here for you to choose from. Deltran carries the most common types of adapters and plugs for multiple applications.

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Deltran Motorcyle Battery Tender Chargers

Each Battery Tender provides continued battery performance for all motorcycles makes and models, including:

  • Harley Davidson
  • BMW
  • Honda
  • Suzuki
  • and hundreds more

Benefits and Specifications of Deltran Battery Tender Chargers and Maintainers

  • Fully Automatic so you don't have to worry about over-charging
  • Full Output Power if you have low AC line conditions
  • Minimal to zero current draw from batteries
  • Take it with you or store it easily with its compact, lightweight construction
  • Always know its charge state with a clear visual indicator
  • Saves money in replacement batteries
  • Highest quality, fast-charging convenience and performance
  • Up to 10 year Warranty
  • Extend Battery Life up to 3 Times

Why Choose Deltran Battery Tender?

Battery Tender chargers and maintainers are designed to charge a wide range of lead acid batteries preventing damage that is typically caused by most trickle chargers. All Battery Tender chargers:

  • are fully automatic by switching output voltage to a safe level that eliminates needing to always check the condition of the battery.
  • delivers full output power with input AC line voltages as low as 90 VAC.
  • draw zero current from the battery when AC power is disconnected. Some models draw less than 1 milliamp from battery.
  • are built to be compact and lightweight while maintaining durability during normal wear and tear.
  • provides visual indication using a combination of colored lights to indicate the progress of charging.

Here is what Old Cars Weekly News & Marketplace had to say about the Deltran Battery Tender: "Not only will the Battery Tender pay for itself many times over, but you'll never face a dead battery again."

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