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VDC Battery MINDer ChargersBatteryMINDer Charges, maintains, and conditions all types of 12 volt batteries. They have patented PulseMode circuitry that restores older batteries that are declining in performance caused by sulphation. Excellent unit for slow battery charging and storage, like golf cart chargers, and will not overcharge your battery.
VDC Battery RestorationThe BatteryMINDer OnBoard Desulphators are designed to desulphate your batteries while you are operating your vehicle or when using a proper battery charger. The units utilize patented technology to produce a wide range of high frequency pulses  to dissolve both old and newly formed sulphate.
VDC Sloar PanelsThe BatteryMINDer 12 Volt  5 Watt system will deliver up to 2 amps of charge per sunny day while the 15 Watt system will deliver up to 7 amps. This system is ideal for battery maintenance and long term battery recovery. THESE PANELS WILL NOT QUICKLY RECHARGE GOLF CART OR TROLLING MOTOR SIZED BATTERIES

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