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Universal Power Group Brand Batteries and Chargers

UPG 6 Volt AGM BatteriesUPG supplies 6 volt AGM batteries that are manufactured under computer controlled battery formation system and technology to achieve the highest quality. The computer controlled system provides programmed functions for steps of current, time, voltage, temperature and event control.
UPG 12 Volt AGM BatteriesUniversal 12 Volt AGM batteries are manufactured under the most stringent quality control battery standards. NON-SPILLABLE by DOT (Department of Transportation), ICAO (International Commercial Airline Organization) and IATA (International Airline Transportation Association) definitions.
UPG 12 Volt GEL BatteriesThe UPG Gel Cell Battery is a state of the art design battery made in Asia. This battery is a sealed and requires no addition of water during the life of the battery. Battery is TRUE DEEP CYCLE can be mounted in any position, and requires no maintenance.
UPG Lead Acid Battery ChargersUPG Automatic Battery Charger Class 2 for charging only Sealed Lead Acid batteries. The UPG battery charger is designed to recharge sealed batteries also known as AGM or Maintenance Free batteries.
UPG Solar Battery ChargersLow output 12 volt solar maintainer designed for the smaller lead acid type battery. Basic uses include Riding Mowers, ATV, Motorcycle, Jet Ski and small electronics applications. A blocking diode is built in the circuit to protect the battery against discharge in low and no light situations.
UPG Jump PacksThe Energizer Jump Start 400 is a reliable Jump Start Pack that will have the power when you need it. With 4 gauge, 29” cables, and 400 amps of starting power, the Energizer 400 is perfect to jump start your Car, SUV, Truck or Mini Van and keep you on the road. Don’t get caught with a dead battery without a Jump Start Pack.

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