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Get to Know the Brand | Marinco Guest

Marinco Guest Battery Chargers

When the sun is out it's not just motorcycle riders who enjoy time in the sunshine. Some of us who own sailboats, motorboats, or even yachts like to get out in the water when the weather permits. Summer may still be a ways away, and you're more than ready for it. But is your boat ready? More specifically, is your boat's battery ready?

Nobody wants to get caught with a dead battery in the middle of the water. It's like going up creek without a paddle. If you haven't already, now is a good time to put your deep cycle Marine Batteries on a charger. Marinco, the maker of Guest Battery Chargers, have automatic smart 3-stage chargers for your battery. These high output chargers are perfect for the large capacity batteries needed for your Marine application. You may have a trolling motor, a diesel engine, or inverter on your boat. Whatever the purpose, when you need power your battery will have a full charge and you'll be ready to go.

One of the defining features of the Guest Marine chargers is that they are capable of charging all types of Lead acid batteries, including flooded, AGM, and Gel type batteries. The only question left to ask is how many batteries do you need to charge? If it's two or more, no problem. GU2611A Guest ChargerThe GU2611A 10 Amp Charger is one of the more popular 2 bank charger they offer. It's capable of charging two 12 volt batteries independently, and will also work on two batteries in series on a 24 volt system. This unit is waterproof and mountable for those who want to keep it on-board. For those who have a single battery, the GU2611A-1-B is a similar unit but with only one bank and is compatible with both AGM and flooded batteries.

GU16153 Guest Charger

The most sophisticated guest charger would be the GU16153. This unit features a push button interface that allows the user to configure each  of the 3 outputs to individual battery types. This ensures that each battery gets the individual care that it needs to live a long life. Each output produces 12 volts DC at 6 amps, while maintaining much less AC draw than other comparable chargers. Unlike an old style trickle charger, this unit will not boil off the electrolyte on a properly functioning battery. This is the answer to multiple battery types in one application, such as a boat with AGM starting batteries and Gel Trolling batteries. This one does all three types of batteries you might find on a marine application. One charger to do it all!

Marinco Guest has been providing quality chargers for over 35 years. These units are designed for harsh environments, such as saltwater, wind, and direct sunlight. Sounds like the kind of environment you want to be in right now, doesn't it? Spring and Summer can't come soon enough. If you're out in the water already, tell us how much fun you're having by leaving a comment below!

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