12 Volt Smart Battery Chargers: 5 to 10 Amps

All the 12 volt chargers on this page are what we consider 'mid-range' units. These are appropriate to use when charging medium sized batteries or battery systems. They will all work to maintain 12v batteries in the 20 to 100 amp range, and are appropriate for a maintenance charge on larger systems. Typical applications would be generator starting batteries, boat and marine batteries, starting batteries, and similar applications. Just find the charger with features that are important to you and you are on your way!




12 volt 5 to 10 Amp Options

Choose from Deltran, Guest, Soneil, Japlar Schauer, Chargetek, Dual Pro, Battery Minder, Interacter, and Genius for your charging needs. Each charger brings unique features to the table from the small and quiet Japlar Schauer and Soneil to the rugged designs of the Genius, Guest and Dual pro to the advanced features of Interacter, Deltran and Battery Minder.

If you have any questions regarding your unique set up please read our tutorials on how batteries work or start shopping by viewing the products on this page. Of course, if you get stuck, you can read our battery chargers tutorial to learn more about how to select the correct charger, or you can email us or call us toll free at 1-800-362-5397.

*Exclusions may apply for large, oversize items.  Flat Rate shipping is for the lower 48 states only.

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