Solar Battery Charger Panels 11 Watts and Up

Maintain or charge on your batteries with 11 watt and higher solar panels from BatteryStuff.  Take advantage of free, clean and green solar power to keep your battery system powered. Choose from a variety of solar battery panels from Solarland, Pulse Tech and Power Up, some with desulfation control to keep your battery functioning at optimal performance levels. In addition, some of our larger solar panels are capable of recharging a spent battery in several hours depending on the size of the battery and the time the solar panel is in the sunlight. Find your solar panel battery solution today.



The solar panels listed here range from long-term maintenance of medium to large batteries, and can be used to supplement energy for larger battery systems.  The smaller solar panels listed here are best for electric fence chargers, gate openers or remote low-use battery maintenance.  The larger panels listed here are designed for use in RVs and marine applications to help supplement the energy being used, so you don’t have to kick on the generator as often.

For more information on sizing your system for solar panel battery charging, read our Solar Powered Battery Charger Tutorial

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