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NOCO Battery Life 12v 5 Watt Battery Solar Charger Maintainer - BLSOLAR5

NOCO Battery Life 12v 5 Watt Battery Solar Charger Maintainer - BLSOLAR5
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BatteryStuff Part #: BLSOLAR5
Replaces: ISC400
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This unit will work both out in the weather and indoors (such as a vehicle dash). Includes alligator clips and cigarette lighter adapter for multiple applications.

NOCO Battery Life 12v 5 Watt Battery Solar Charger Maintainer - BLSOLAR5
Product Description

The BLSOLAR5 is a 5W Ultra Low Profile Thin Film Solar Battery Charger and Maintainer.  The BLSOLAR5 is best for maintaining 12V batteries found on your Motorcycle, ATV, Boat, RV, Tractor, Lawn Mower or Snowmobile.  Suitable for maintaining all types of lead-acid batteries, such as, Wet, Gel, MF and AGM.  The BLSOLAR5 is completely waterproof and weatherproof, and can be used outdoors.  Provides up to 410mA (.41A) charging current, and protects against accidental reverse battery drain.  Its Thin Film Technology allows for optimal performance in low-light, cloudy and overcast conditions.

  • Multiple Battery Chemistries: Safely charges Wet, Gel, MF & AGM batteries
  • Waterproof: Weather resistant solar charger for outdoor rated at IP65
  • UV Resistant: Engineered to take the abuse of the sun through the use of color stabilization and UV inhibitors
  • Designed for Safety: Short circuit, open circuit, overheat & overcurrent
  • Thin Film Technology: Works well in low-light, cloudy and overcast conditions
  • Black Current Protection: Protects the battery from accidental back current drain at night
  • Ultra Low-Profile: Unique low-profile design for a light-weight, compact charger
  • Rugged Frame: Made from an engineered polymer for high-strength and durability
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Technical Specifications
Length 13.7
Width 13.7
Height 0.67
Weight 2.65
Shipping Weight 5
Rated Power 5.0 W
Type of Batteries 12 V Lead Acid
Battery Chemistries Wet, GEL, MF & AGM
Operating Current 410 mA
DC Cord Length 8 ft
Manufacturer: NOCO
Manufacturer Part #: BLSOLAR5
Made In: China
Instruction Manual
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